We aim to provide Digital Trust Solutions In All Perspectives Through Blockchain.

Osiz technologies is the leading blockchain software development company comprises of experienced leaders in blockchain vertical. Our result driven blockchain development services led your business all around the globe with an innovating blockchain networks and solutions across various industries.

Our dedicated team of blockchain developers excel in providing the best blockchain solutions in order to enhance the existing businesses or new start-up and Industries in which blockchain application can be utilized.

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Blockchain Development Services We Provide
Blockchain Solutions for NFT

As a top-notch Blockchain development company, We develop custom NFT marketplace platforms on top blockchain networks like BSC, TRON, ETH, etc, and our solution empowers innovative functionalities with a custom design that allows creating semi-fungible tokens.

Blockchain Solutions for DEFI

we afford blockchain-based decentralized finance protocols that refer to an open, permissionless, and highly interoperable protocol stack built on public smart contract platforms. Our Defi solutions evolve your business with transparency, security, and trust.

Blockchain Solutions for Tokens

Create your own crypto token on top of the popular blockchain platforms like BSC, TRON, ETH, etc with the smart contract. Our team of blockchain developers who are specialized in providing crypto token development solutions based on your business requirements.

Hyperledger Development

Hyperledger is an advancement to blockchain where you can solve the issues of open source blockchain and its tools in order to enhance a co-operative development for distributed ledgers. We are proficient in delivering Hyperledger Blockchain solution for all kinds of business.

Blockchain for Smart Home

Get smarter blockchain business with our specialized team who creates a perfect blockchain network with IoT solutions for Smart Home. We first identify the nature of the problem to provide blockchain IoT solutions for any issues under the business model.

Blockchain for Digital Trust Solutions

We exclusively designed to allow you, your organization or your government to securely and easily build a blockchain system that solves all the trust issues and challenges in an impeccable approach. Our solution offers infinite security features & the most attractive functions of blockchain technology.

DApp Development

As a top-notch Blockchain development company, We develop custom smart contract based decentralized applications (DApp) on top blockchain networks like BSC, TRON, ETH etc, and our solution enable the user to record, maintain data & exchange currency without middleman

Smart Contract Development & Audit

Our service for smart contract development begins with designing, auditing, developing & optimizing individually by executing coded business contracts that helps to automate the processes. Our Smart Contract Auditing service ensure that smart contract functions based on needs.

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

We provide the best scalable enterprise blockchain solutions for various industries, & enterprises. Our team of blockchain experts develops & delivers an industry-specific blockchain ecosystem that could reshape your business with more transparency & immutability.

P2P Lending Blockchain Platform

Our developers make the blockchain solutions for lending businesses to associate the lenders with borrowers, enhance security and trust and accept crypto payments. We offer P2P lending platform with smart contracts letting users to borrow and lend money promptly.

Create Your Own Blockchain

Bring your blockchain business idea into reality with the help of our technical leads who are looking for incorporating supreme technologies. We are reshaping the business world with blockchain over 12+ years with pioneering technologies & providing new value for your business with innovative features

Public / Private Blockchain

Public blockchain gives access to everyone in the network whereas private blockchain limit the access to certain users of the network. Save your structural and functional costs for various projects by building public / private blockchain applications that enables you to have control over the users.

Cryptocurrency Development

Our experts provide an unbeatable crypto solution with innovative ideas and their years of experience in solving distinct issues that comes from client-side augments our demand in the niche market. Also, it brings revolution in the financial industry with our innovative security features configured by our experts.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Seamless trade with higher liqudity is possible with our decentralized exchange platform. Our topnotch technical experts bring a new pool of potential customers for your businesses, configured as extremely functional, reliable and safer DEX platforms.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Build a safe and secure cryptocurrency wallet with top of the blockchain platforms like BSC, TRON, ETH, etc. Our wallet development services assist exchangers to safely transfer their online payments via data encryption technique.

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Consumer Goods & FMCG
Legal Management
Travel & Tourism
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