Osiz Technologies Pvt Ltd Company Reviews

A negative review of our company, titled "Osiz Technologies in Madurai is a scam company that offers nulled scripts and also stealing customers' money," was made anonymously and posted on the website "Bitcoin Talk." This case study is to clarify that our company is not like that as mentioned by the anonymous users. 


After research, we discovered that our clients had written the aforementioned evaluations. Only anonymous users or rival competitors unaffiliated with our company have submitted reviews of this nature. Honest evaluations from satisfied clients who have used our products and services will be posted. Users who write fake reviews haven't used our products or services and haven't been incredibly detailed in their descriptions. As you can see, the majority of reviews are posted on Google and a number of social media platforms, including Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Business Challenge:

The main issue we face is that they are not our customers; we do not interact with them and we do not threaten to deduct any funds from them. Only anonymous reviewers post their opinions. The main objective of the scam reviews is to damage the reputation of our company, destroy our brand, convince people that we are a fake company, and ultimately bring our business to a halt. So, new users are thinking of engaging with us. These are the business issues we are dealing with, and our dependable and supportive clientele have helped us overcome them.

How does Osiz respond to the challenges?

For those who posted unfavorable reviews, let us pose the following query: "What is the need for us to take your money?" We don't need to take your money, after all. Over n+ digital platforms have been launched and created by our team of Certified user experience professionals and developers for startups and businesses.

We are adept at creating digital platforms on time and within a budget. Once the product has been properly tested, bug-free, and more, we deliver it. After signing the NDA, the project will begin. Our committed ORM (Online Reputation Management) team is here to find out what problems you're having. We support you in finding the best solutions and addressing the issues.

A nulled script - what is it?

On piracy websites, "nulled scripts" are created when someone edits a script to remove the author-implemented protection or commercial online apps that have been altered to work without a license key. They are comparable to online software piracy.

Visit the following link for more information: https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2014/11/wordpress-security-nulled-scripts-cryptophp-infection/

Use of nulled scripts is it legal?

Since they violate laws, steal the source code, remove the license key and copyright documents, and otherwise violate the law, nulled scripts and themes should be considered illegal. Free downloads of nulled themes, scripts, apps, and plugins are available on many websites.

About Osiz Technologies:

One of the best software development companies, Osiz Technologies was founded in Madurai in 2009. We rank among the top South Indian enterprises for blockchain development. We provide end-to-end IT solutions for all business sizes, from small to large businesses globally.

Osiz Technologies has over 1000+ customers, both existing and future, currently. Under the guiding philosophy of exceeding our clients' expectations, our committed team cooperate and offer new ideas. Our excellent IT infrastructure allows us to offer a variety of services to our clients and maintain a happy team.

What is business fraud?

Business fraud is a broad term that could be talking about crimes committed by senior team members of a company or it could be talking about the customers of the companies. In the end, business fraud almost always involves someone robbing money from someone else while acting like they are doing business.

Types of Frauds in business:
1. Payroll fraud: 

When someone commits payroll fraud, they take money from your company while giving the impression that they are paying someone for their labour. A worker with access to the payroll system will find it simpler to engage in this type of fraud. However, whether they are employed by the business or not, anyone with advanced hacking skills might theoretically commit it.

2. False financial statements:

For a variety of reasons, employees or business owners may falsify financial statements. For the purpose of inflating their assets, income, or overall net worth, the fraudster most usually fabricates financial records. People who engage in this type of deception typically do so to obtain loans or to avoid penalty for not upholding their financial obligations.

3. Asset misappropriation:

Asset misappropriation is the most prevalent and often committed type of employee fraud. To be clear, misappropriating assets constitutes willful theft from an employer. The two categories are misappropriation of cash and misappropriation of non-cash.

4. Tax evasion:

The more revenue a company generates, the more income taxes it must pay. Tax fraud occurs when a business pays less in taxes as it falls under a lower tax bracket. Another phrase for totally avoiding paying taxes by both businesses and individuals is tax evasion. This is also seen as a type of tax fraud.

5. Identification Theft:

Identity theft is a sophisticated form of business crime since it has the potential for a company to be both the perpetrator and the victim. The act of taking another person's personal information and utilizing it to defraud them is known as identity theft. With their social security number, fraudsters can acquire a new line of credit, among other things.

How to stop fraud in your company?

The problem of business fraud is severe. Whether a company is the perpetrator of a crime or the victim of one, everyone connected to it needs to exercise caution.

Being aware of the hazards and taking preventative measures are the greatest ways to protect your business from fraud and corruption. Regularly reviewing financial data is an essential component. Regular changes to software and technology are also essential. It's crucial to choose a trustworthy team as another method of fraud prevention.

To learn more about defending your company from fraud, click the link below: https://www.bankmidwest.com/blog/6-types-of-fraud-in-business/


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