Osiz : Company Reviews, User Complaints and Customer Claims

Osiz technologies is receiving many negative reviews and complaint against them. So, In this case study, we'll show how we handled the review, complaints, and customer claims.


The main issue is that, in addition to the many positive ratings and reviews we get, we also frequently get consumer complaints and unfavorable comments about our business on websites like Google, Youtube, GoodFirms, Clutch, Youtube, and Glassdoor.


On the customer board, we receive a lot of customer concerns. They can disagree with us privately in a number of ways, but they are also airing their grievances in public. Of course, it is improper to have a bad opinion of the company before using our platforms. For instance, if we share one positive thing about a company, no one will notice; yet, if we share anything unfavorable, the hype will intensify and spread. These are the business challenges now many companies are facing this. Every company will need to overcom this challenges and have to sustain the field.

How do we respond to the challenges?

We have created a separate customer complaint board as a result of the aforementioned challenges. Therefore, getting in touch with us to share your issues and ideas is simple. We may have no trouble identifying your problems. It helps to clarify all of your concerns and inquiries answered within 48 hours.

Customer claims:

You can contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns about us. Contact us, fill out the form with all the necessary details, and thoroughly describe your queries. Within 48 hours, we will identify your issues, sort them out, and provide you with the best solution.

To discover more about the unfavorable reviews and how we are handling them, do read our preceding case study.


We've come to the conclusion that there are still many unfavorable comments and client complaints being submitted. Our solutions are client-focused and employ the most effective strategy to address the client's problems as we are the market leader in offering first-rate software development services. We have been innovative and kept ahead of the curve due to our proficiency in all key areas of software development.

For greater assistance, you can speak with our support team. You can also post problems on the complaint board. You can get your problems resolved in a short period of time.