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Numerous unfavorable reviews on Osiz have been left on Google and other social media sites. Hence, this case study will describe the difficulties Osiz has encountered as well as their respective solutions. This case study also demonstrates that Osiz is not a scam business, contrary to what has been claimed in online reviews.


We discovered after thorough study that those fake reviews are not the fault of our clientele. Only anonymous customers who have no connection to our company have published reviews like this one. Only satisfied customers who have used our products and services will leave frank reviews. 

These honest reviews include comprehensive profile information and thorough justifications of our products and services. False reviews are submitted by users who haven't actually used our products or services and who aren't very descriptive in their descriptions. As you can see, the majority of false or fraudulent reviews are placed on Google and a few social media sites by anonymous users or competitors.


The challenges we have is that the reviews that are put on different websites like Google, Goodfirms, and Trust pilot are not from our clients; we do not communicate with them or threaten to withhold any money from them. The reviews are only posted by anonymous reviewers. The majority of our clients have gotten in touch with us directly, described their problems, and received prompt assistance from us. The major goal of the fake reviews is to bring down our business by harming its reputation, defaming its brand, and spreading false information about it. Therefore, as a result of these fake ratings, new users are considering working with us to launch a project.

How does Osiz handle the situation?

Our primary objective is to establish ourselves as a top-tier global provider of IT services by offering an exact end-to-end business solution for the essential industries employing emerging technologies.

We deliver the product once it has been thoroughly tested, bug-free, and more. The project will start after the NDA has been signed. Our devoted ORM (Online Reputation Management) team is available to learn more about your issues. Additionally, in response to the above-mentioned challenges, we have created a separate customer complaint board. Get in touch with us to get your queries resolved within two days. 

What exactly is a customer review?

A review describes a customer's encounter with the products or services that your company provides. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Reviews all provide reviews. During the purchasing process, customers use customer reviews to determine how your product works and whether it is expensive.

What is meant by customer complaints?

Every company will unavoidably get complaints. Consumers are better knowledgeable than before. The majority of consumers are computer proficient and aware of the various methods they can voice their displeasure. Hence, businesses invest millions in offering clients services. However, despite your best efforts, you will never be able to perfectly satisfy every single customer on every single time. The manner in which a business responds to customer complaints impacts its reputation.

What kinds are there, and how does Osiz react to each one?

1) Complaints based on erroneous information:

Communication problems are the cause of misunderstandings. When interacting with other people, misunderstandings invariably happen. Your words could be interpreted or understood incorrectly by a client. every time, they could get upset and accuse you of telling lies.

We won't lose our cool in this circumstance, though; instead, we'll talk to the experts and come up with a solution. We are trained to treat customers with respect, even when it is obvious that they have been misinterpreted.

2) Complaint regarding delivery:

This is an illustration of a typical customer complaint against a business. When delivery are made later than anticipated, customers become irate and complain.

Such challenges can be resolved by going over the details of the product delivery with the team. if the delivery of the product did really have a fault, so that it might be addressed.

3) Time-Waiting Complaint:

These are common customer grievances that are frequently made during phone calls or when a product is delivered slowly. Long wait times are disliked by customers as they believe the service is useless. Everyone values their time and demands immediate services.

Customers who complain about delays are confronted and apologized to. However, it's simply a temporary fix. After discussing this with our staff and management, we will plan and put various strategies into place to assuage concerns about wait times.

Business complaints:

What complaints are there in business?

A person's complaint reveals their dissatisfaction with the products available in their local environment. He may frown or express discontent with particular products or services. Making a complaint is perfectly acceptable, but how it is presented is crucial.

Types of grievances:

Justified complaint: When a complaint is well-founded, it means the complainant has a good cause for doing so.
Unjustified Complaint: An unjustified complaint is one that is without merit or that lacks a foundation for resolution.

Consumer boards and consumers complaint board:

What are Consumer boards and consumer complaints boards?

Customers are a company's most important component, and every business needs more of them to prosper. Consequently, we have a user forum on our website. Customers can share their opinions on specific products, services, or brands on consumer boards, which are online discussion forums.

Why is monitoring consumer complaint boards required?

  • The following are some benefits of establishing a complaint board for businesses, 

  • Every comment a business receives needs to be carefully analyzed because it offers enlightening information that might point to a big step forward for the business.

  • We use customer feedback to better understand what drives client loyalty by looking at the underlying reasons.

  • Once a corporation is aware of the feedback findings, it must develop a successful action plan to address the problems.

  • After receiving feedback, it's crucial to discuss it with the customer care and support team in order to develop solutions.


We have looked into any negative reviews of us and resolved any issues with the relevant clients, so we are able to address them and take appropriate action. However, we have not made any of the numerous efforts necessary to combat fake or fraudulent reviews left by rival businesses or anonymous users. Their activities appear to be destroying the reputation of our company's brand and hurting our business.
Therefore, despite the numerous barriers we experience in business, we manage to succeed and continue to demonstrate to our esteemed clientele that we are reliable when it comes to providing services.